St. Bridget of Sweden Association


Helping children and families in difficult social and financial situations.


Improving the quality of life, ensuring stability.


Facilitating various activities necessary for healthy development and education of children.


We help especially families with dependent children who have found themselves in an unfavorable social and economic situation.


We support non-profit organizations that provide services to families with children at risk, in cooperation with local governments and state authorities, providing social services to families at risk.


We support immediate relief organizations and children's homes; we provide childcare services, especially for children and adolescents who cannot live in their own families.


Our main principles include complete clarity of donations and their use. Every contribution goes right to the person in need. Operating costs of the Association are paid from private finance of the founders.


We are glad to se the usage, progress and benefits gained from your contribution. You can check the improvement made by your donation at any time.

How does it work?

The amount of the contribution is not importnant. We are transparent. You can track the final destination and usage of your donation.

What do we mean?

We are in touch with every family, every organization we have helped. We would be happy to provide you insight to the change you have made.

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Conta​ct us and we will make time to hear your story and discuss opportunities for support and cooperation.

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